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Professor Edward J. Bair saw mechanical instrument services as people who use their special skills and talents to help users see beyond research tools that are available to new tools that might be possible.

Professor Bair, who first became deeply involved with research tools and instrumentation during the Manhattan project at Oak Ridge, served on the IU chemistry faculty from 1954-1989 and assumed an emeritus position in 1989. He was largely responsible for the strength of the current facility, for establishing the student shop, and for the pedagogical orientation of both.

MIS facilitates the use of Master Cam in the Chemistry building. Click Here to read more about Master Cam at their web site.

3D Cart

A well-equipped machine shop staffed by seven instrument makers is available to researchers in the department. In addition to mechanical lathes and milling machines, three computer-driven (CNC) milling machines are used in the construction of original, unique, or commercially unavailable apparatus for the department. Apparatus design, sheet metal shops, and heliarch welding, as well as high vacuum construction and leak testing facilities, are also available.

A fully equipped student shop is available, and instruction is given to students who wish to construct their own equipment.